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Well Fed was born out of a desire for more happiness in the world.


Our aim: to bring you a little bit of joy with every email

(e-meal, haha)! 



Jasmin thinks showing kindness to one another is beautifully human. With these emails of kindness we hope to share something good and maybe even make you smile! :-)

Illustration of a standing young woman, she is wearing red shoes, long green trousers, a red shirt and is waving towards the right. The arm on the left is angled and rests on the hip. Her hair is clipped back expect for a few strands framing her hair and a fringe across her forehead. She is looking to the right side of the screen with a happy expression.



Friendly, open and authentic. Tom believes in the pureness and positivity of humankind, and hopes Well Fed provides some of that positivity in a sometimes negative world of news.

An illustration of a standing young man. He is wearing yellow shoes, short blue trousers and a yellow sweater. He is waving towards the left side of the screen. The arm on the right is angled and his hand is resting on his hip. His hair is parted in the middle and almost reaches his shoulders. He has a small amount of facial hair and is wearing a happy expression.



If you would like to say hello to us, leave us some feedback, suggest some news stories or tell us about a personal good moment, send us an email:





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We update the donate button 4 times per year with different charities. If you can, please take a look:

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