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Well Fed was born out of a desire for more happiness in the world.


Our aim: to bring you a little bit of joy with every email

(e-meal, haha)! 



Jasmin thinks showing kindness to one another is beautifully human. With these emails of kindness we hope to share something good and maybe even make you smile! :-)




Friendly, open and authentic. Tom believes in the pureness and positivity of humankind, and hopes Well Fed provides some of that positivity in a sometimes negative world of news.



If you would like to say hello to us, leave us some feedback, suggest some news stories or tell us about a personal good moment, send us an email:





Feed us?


If you would like to help us keep serving the good news, or just want to virtually buy us a coffee, just click the "support us" button below <3 

We update the donate button 4 times per year with different charities. If you can, please take a look:

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